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Transformer Bobbins

SRBP, PGM Transformer Bobbins
Our speciality is fabricated transformer bobbins made from laminated and mat materials to British and Continental standard specifications. Viz. BS EN 60893-3-4 2004


SRBP Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper IEC 60893-3-4
PGM Polyester Bonded Glass Mat GPO3 EN 60893/EC-893 
PGM Polyester Bonded Glass Mat SG200 IEC 60893-3-5 
EBGF Epoxy Bonded Glass Fabric EN-60893-3-2

We have a comprehensive range of tooling enabling us to manufacture mechanically interlocked transformer bobbins, spools and coil formers. including C-Core, E-Core & EI in both metric and imperial sizes.
Custom made transfomer bobbins to suit different laminations are available on request.
Transformer Bobbin Diagram
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