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DC Brake Coil Formers

DC Brake Coil Formers with brass core

Used in transport such as railways etc.

Manufactured in Brass and Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper (SRBP) and Epoxy Bonded Glass Fabric (EBGF).

DC Brake Coil Formers

Magnet Coil Braces

Magnet Coil Braces used in large Magnet coils for applications such as Large Colliders etc.

Manufactured in Epoxy Bonded Glass Fabric (EBGF).

Transformer Coil Clamp

Transformer Coil Clamp

Clamps are used to hold the various coils in the transformer.

Manufactured in Polyester Bonded Glass Mat (PGM GP03).

Door Catch

Medical Grade Door Catch

As an example of the complicated machining required.

The part being cheaper than moulding which will requires a mould pattern depending on the quantity required.

Manufactured in Acrylic plastic.

Moulding pattern

Moulding Pattern

Moulding Pattern using glass reinforced plastic instead of steel.

End Clamp

End Clamp

End Clamp in Polyester Glass Matt used in wind turbines.

Fan Support Panel

Fan Support Panel

Manufactured in Polyester Glass Matt (GP03)

Miscellany of Parts

A miscellany of parts

Manufactured using various materials.